World Wide Fund

World Wide Fund for Nature WWF, Pakistan (Board Member)

Faisal Mushtaq also serves as the Board of Governors on the Board of World Wide Fund for Nature WWF Pakistan Chapter, where he has been supporting WWF’s main mission and helping them combat environmental challenges. As among Board of Governors WWF, he has played a vital role in helping WWF carry out their projects and programmes on species conservation, pollution control, forest conservation, freshwater preservation, climate change prevention, coastal ecosystem balance and marine life maintenance.

WWF is one of the world’s largest conservation organizations. WWF-Pakistan has been working in Pakistan for over 40 years to conserve nature and ecological processes by conserving world’s biological diversity; ensuring the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable; and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. Essentially, to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

WWF Green School Programme initiated at Roots Millennium Education by Faisal Mushtaq since the last 15 years has played an important role in ensuring the future sustainability of environmental resources of Pakistan, by bringing a positive change in the attitude of Pakistan’s young people and is helping in promoting a more mature, environmentally conscious generation.

This is a historic milestone towards transforming Millennium Eduction and classrooms to a more responsible school system supporting ecosystem and conservation of environment. This partnership gives leverage the Roots Millennium Education to be the first registered Green School in Pakistan and thus enables the RMS schools to run a variety of environmental activities throughout the academic year by bringing a positive change in the attitude of Pakistan’s young people and help to promote a more mature environmentally conscious generation. This initiative of Millennium Green School Programme offers; an opportunity to help develop students’ decision-making skills; an opportunity to build students’ confidence and sense of citizenship through participation; Curriculum materials and ideas for projects and events; Reduction of waste and litter, reduced energy and water consumption levels; Improved school environment and opportunity to involve the local community. Millennium Education environment-based approach to education lays the foundation for building students’ problem-solving skills. Environment-based education employs these key strategies for teaching creative and successful problem solving: introducing inquiry-based instructional activities with real-world applications, encouraging critical thinking about these activities, allowing individual choice about and engagement in the particular problem to be solved, helping students make connections between disciplines, and fostering independent and cooperative group learning.

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