Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq – Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, is one of the 500 most influential Muslims of the world for two consecutive years recognized by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center Jordon, a YPO and Education Chair of world’s leading Young Presidents Organization, Prime  Minister  of  Pakistan’s  initiative  Vision  2025  youth  policy coordinator,  national  student  ‘counselor’, ‘academician’, ‘school practitioner’ and a ‘social entrepreneur’. He is the Founder & CEO of Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan and is the Executive Director and member of Board of Roots School System, Pakistan. He is also the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization ‘Change – in Education’ working in support of ‘Public Private Partnerships’ across education and thus scaling ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ SDGs 2030′ and today he has successfully reformed more than 200 government schools across various districts, provinces and rural communities in Pakistan. He has been conferred with the most prestigious National Civil Award of ‘Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, TI’ equivalent to British Knighthood by the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E. Asif Ali Zardari on Pakistan Day Ceremony held at the Presidency on 23rd March 2013 in recognition of his outstanding services in the field of education, youth and promotion of Chinese Language, ICT in education across Pakistan as the national academic icon, educational change sponsor and globally recognized School and Education Management Practitioner. 

Mr. Mushtaq also serves as the BOG on the Board of World Wide Fund for Nature WWF Pakistan Chapter; he has excelled at providing a quality education for millions of people, an initiative that has occupied fifteen years of his life. He encourages academic excellence, student achievement, social entrepreneurship, and opportunity for all. He currently works in the capacity of Executive Director of Pakistan’s leading Roots School System, the country’s third largest private school. He is also the founder and CEO of Roots Millennium Schools in Pakistan and a member of many of the government’s committees on education. He has helped students from various backgrounds fulfill their dreams of getting into top universities worldwide. An attendee of the World Economic Forum, he is Pakistan’s youngest national award winner of the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz and was voted as the best young entrepreneur of 2011 by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Faisal Mushtaq is also a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth committee on Vision 2025, with the Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms, Pakistan. He is a highly focused community reform and Organizational Management Practitioner and a change specialist. He enjoys significant experience of both Public and Private sector, an excellent range of high profile global consulting and business management experience and an outstanding academic reform background, where he has had his career progression with leading Global practices –PricewaterhouseCoopers and with IBM Business Consulting Services in the United Kingdom before leading Roots Schools.

Leadership and Reform at Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan

Faisal Mushtaq as brand gained popularity and fame because he has dedicated his youth to the pursuit of education promotion, digital literacy, youth engagement, community empowerment and social entrepreneurship promotion, where thousands of his students are studying at Oxbridge, Ivy Leagues such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Upenn, MIT, Russell Group Universities, UOL colleges, Turkey, Germany, China and Canada. He is a young national academic icon, celebrated reformist and a social entrepreneur and a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs TIE Islamabad, where he also serves as Chair and Patron of world’s richest business plan competition sponsored by Rice University, Houston Texas. He is a tireless advocate of children and Pakistan; he has a towering impact on youth and classrooms in the country and is also a member of Chief Minister of Punjab task force on youth and an active member of Islamabad Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

He has consistently demonstrated leadership, where he has bridged his highly reputed and widely spread ‘Roots Schools’ to the world with a clear academic vision, linkages, affiliations, partnerships and collaborations; such as Intel Education, USEFP, British Council, Goethe Institute, Hanban, China Radio International, Coca-Cola, Royal Commonwealth Society, Global Entrepreneurship week GEW USA, Confucius Institute, Inet UK, SSAT, UN Global Compact, Pasch, The Indus Entrepreneurs TIE, WWF Pakistan, Green School Program, UNICEF, UNESCO, USAID, DFID, Cambridge International Examinations CIE, ACCA, CIMA and University of London International Programs. For details please visit


Under his dynamic leadership and management, Roots Schools now offer continuous education up to transnational undergraduate level with a human resource of nearly 3000 employees working across 20 major cities across Pakistan. Faisal Mushtaq has first time introduced entrepreneurial, community based and a student centered approach to the school management, teaching and learning practices in Pakistan. He has founded the backbone of Roots Education System, by establishing Pakistan’s largest teacher training and development institute ‘Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education ‘RNITTE’, where more than 7,200 teachers from both public and private sector have been trained on international standards and successfully won certifications and placements.

Higher Education. Achievements & Awards

  • 500 Most Influential Muslims of the World Award for 2 consecutive years
  • National Civil Award of ‘Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, TI’ by the President of Pakistan in recognition of his outstanding services in the field of education, youth and promotion of Chinese Language.
  • Best Educationist of the Year 2014 Award by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Faisal Mushtaq is a graduate from prestigious University of London having studied Diploma in Economics, United Kingdom and University of Salford United Kingdom where he studied Accounting & Finance.
  • He is also a Graduate from the prestigious National Defense University NDU, Islamabad.
  • Participated in National Security Workshop NSW-06 under Educational category and represented the wider academia from Pakistan on the special nomination of the Government of Pakistan.
  • He also has the honor of Representing Government of Pakistan at Overseas Pakistanis Investment Conference March 2007, was a Leading Participant in the Educational Sector Reforms Authority ESRA team on vision for education 2025 program, regularly represents Pakistan on International Conferences, an active member of the Planning Commission and UNDP Youth, education and community engagement team, policy and mobilization plans.
  • A national speaker of school reforms, educational development, curriculum enrichment, entrepreneurship, role of career counseling for youth, school improvement, teacher and student relationship management, where he has had the honor to win 9 most deserving awards in the categories of ‘Young CEO Excellence Award’ and ‘Education Industry Excellence Award’ by the Global Media Links GML Pakistan.
  • The prestigious ‘Accomplished Leader Award’ by ABI, USA, 1st Global HR Excellence Award
  • Appreciation and Leadership Award’ by Intel Education Pakistan
  • ‘Leadership Excellence Award’ by KFC Pakistan
  • ‘Achievement Excellence Award 2009’ by the Rawalpindi Chambers of Commerce & Industry RCCI, Pakistan
  • ‘The Indus Entrepreneurship Award’ by the Indus Entrepreneurs TIE, Pakistan Chapter
  • ‘Brand of the Year Award 2010 & 2011’ by the Brands Foundation, Pakistan
  • ‘Environmental Excellence Awards 2010′ by the Ministry of Environment.
  • Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 & 2011 award.
  • All World Network USA PK-100 winner in 2012 and 2013 and Arabia 500 winner in 2012.
  • RCCI Gold Award 2013 by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Memberships and Contributions

  • Faisal is a member of many national and international organizations including International Networking for Educational Transformation iNET
  • Association of School & College Leaders ASCL UK
  • Member Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry – RCCI
  • Member Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry – ICCI
  • Member International Montessori Council IMC
  • Member Management Association of Pakistan MAP
  • Member Chief Minister Task Force on youth of Rawalpindi District
  • Member Cambridge International Examinations CIE Advisory Council
  • Member Public Relations Committee of Al Shifa Eye Trust Pakistan
  • Member Private School Association Islamabad
  • An active member of UNDP, Planning commission, Education Ministry, curriculum wings, UNICEF, UN programs and projects on regular basis
  • Member of TiE The Indus Entrepreneurs Islamabad Chapter
  • WWF Pakistan Board Member
  • Member and Education Chair of world’s leading Young Presidents Organization – YPO Capital Chapter
  • Member Pakistan Education Council
  • Member of Pakistan China Institute
  • Member Advisory Panel Education Development Union EDU
  • Member Strategic Studies Institute of Islamabad

Founding & Sponsoring Chinese Language Program & Strategic Diversity

In support of 60 years of diplomatic relationship celebrations between Pakistan and China, Roots Millennium Schools under the leadership and vision of Faisal Mushtaq launched the unique Chinese language school initiative, where Millennial Chinese Language Department – MCLD is working in close collaboration with many Government and private organizations including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Ministry of Culture, Economic Affairs Division, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Embassy of China in Islamabad, Embassy of Pakistan in China, Pakistan-China Institute, think tanks, media and intellectuals to help scale this language and education initiative for our mutual national benefit.

To help eliminate the language barrier between Pakistan and China, Founder MCLD Mr. Faisal Mushtaq offered Chinese language classes across the schools in the private sector, with the aim of allowing the students to speak and write Chinese as proficiently as possible. For this purpose, he hired 6 Chinese language teachers from China, supported by 6 more teachers from NUML Confucius Institute and CRI has the honor to be the first school in Pakistan to have offered Chinese language classes where our Chinese language department has now 18 Full Time Teachers and nearly 6000 students learning language. This has promoted cultural, social, business and educational opportunities among China and Pakistan for the benefit of our future generations.

Promoting the Youth & Education Factor in Pakistan – Turkey Relations

Republic of Turkey today there is complete unanimity within the Pakistan’s political and social fabric on the need for deepening friendship between Pakistan and Turkey, the philosophy has been successfully deciphered into a concrete reality by Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan and the Turkish Embassy in the form of collaboration on various academic and non-academic activities. Today, Mr. Faisal Mushtaq Chief Executive of Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan is widely recognized for introducing Turkey to Sindh province and resolve to offer his full support to give expansion and extension to the Pak-Turk Friendship because as it is his mission to spread, scale, sustain and promote this friendship and thus enhance educational exchanges between Pakistan and Turkey.

Turkey has traditional brotherly relations with Pakistan in response of which Roots Millennium Schools dozens of youth delegations have been invited for International Children Festival, forums, seminars, orientations, cultural & educational visits to strengthen this relationship for future collaboration. Mr. Mushtaq actively promotes mutual understanding and cultural bonding between youth of two brotherly nations Pakistan and Republic of Turkey.

Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan dedicated the year 2013-2014 to Pakistan-Turkey friendship and are enthusiastically working in close collaboration with both the Pakistan Embassy in Republic of Turkey and Turkish Embassy in Islamabad to scale opportunities for mutual educational and cultural gain.

The Corporate Social Initiative CSI – Change – in Education CIE

Faisal Mushtaq also founded Change – in Education, which is a social and developmental sector Not for Profit organization NGO committed to bridge the gap in education services provision in Pakistan. The 6 components and focus areas stand for C=Curriculum for Schools and Teacher Development, H=Help through Teacher Training & Monitoring, A=Assessments & Examinations Improvement, N=Nutrition and Health for Students, G=Gender Equality in Education and E = Education for All.

As the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization working in support of ‘Public Private Partnerships’ across education and thus scaling ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ SDGs 2030′ and where today he has successfully reformed more than 200 government schools across various districts, provinces and rural communities in Pakistan. Through Change – in Education Mr. Mushtaq envisions reforming the current education landscape of Pakistan by providing sustainable solutions for the benefit of the public education system. His inspiring ideas include promoting public private partnership across district, provincial and federal level in Pakistan. Change – in Education is committed to coordinate donor sponsored national initiatives and to provide for sustainability of projects and programs. He envisions making our mark as the catalyst for national educational change in the field of educational development, research, advocacy, training, delivery and empowerment. The organization is registered with Pakistan Philanthropy Commission.

Change – in Education is also committed to the ideals of the 21st Century Education as it represents an organization promoting training, research, advocacy, consultancy and ideas for support for Public Private Partnership and to strengthen National Public education system and is currently working to revolutionize the existing education system, by reforming the public, community and CSR education system, in support of Government schools towards improvement and quality assurance across Pakistan in partnership with its donors which include Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund PPAF, USAID, Punjab Education Foundation PEF, National Rural Support Program NRSP, Narowal and Tandoallyar District Rural support programs and stakeholders.

Mr. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI

Chief Executive Officer

Roots Millennium Schools & The Millennium University College Pakistan