Public and Social Sector Development Initiatives


The name Faisal Mushtaq – TI has become synonymous with educational excellence in Pakistan. He has a track record of managing projects that deliver clear value which is why developmental sector key stakeholders approach him for curriculum development and training design and delivery as his name alone equates to unprecedented quality and standards. He has contributed towards the Millennium Development Goal MGD 2 and MGD 3 by promoting the cause of universal primary education, teacher training and empowering women who constitute 51% of our population by providing them training in computer skills and vocational training so as to raise their self esteem and dignity. Under his leadership, Roots has won the UNESCO Peace Pillar award. A firm believer of global harmony and celebrating cultural diversity, he launched the practice of celebrating all UN action days across all campuses of Roots Millennium Schools. Upon his instigation Roots has also participated in Global Visions Project Brisbane Australia. He regularly serves the community and engages in voluntary work for Red Crescent, Youth Alliance, Al Shifa Pakistan and Change in Education CIE.

Founded a Social Sector Non-Profit Organization – Change in Education CIE


Faisal Mushtaq – TI also founded Change – in Education, which is a social and developmental sector Not for Profit organization NGO committed to bridge the gap in education services provision in Pakistan. The 6 components stand for C=Curriculum for Schools and Teacher Development, H=Help through Teacher Training & Monitoring, A=Assessments & Examinations Improvement, N=Nutrition and Health for Students, G=Gender Equality in Education and E = Education for All.

Through Change – in Education he envisions reforming the current education landscape of Pakistan by providing sustainable solutions for the benefit of the public education system. His inspiring ideas include promoting public private partnership across district, provincial and federal level in Pakistan. Change – in Education is committed to coordinate donor sponsored national initiatives and to provide for sustainability of projects and programs. He envisions making our mark as the catalyst for national educational change in the field of educational development, research, advocacy, training, delivery and empowerment. Change – in Education is also committed to the ideals of the 21st Century Education. It represents an organization promoting training, research, advocacy, consultancy and ideas for support for Public Private Partnership and to strengthen National Public education system and is currently working in support of government school improvement and quality assurance across Pakistan in partnership with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund PPAF, USAID, Punjab Education Foundation PEF, National Rural Support Program NRSP, Narowal and Tandoallyar District Rural support programs and stakeholders.

Chinese Language Initiative


Promoting the Youth Factor in Pakistan-China Relations


Faisal Mushtaq – TI first coined the slogan of Pakistan-China together making up 21% of the world’s population. He believed the youth on both sides of the border is the untapped resource that needs to be utilized in the 21st century; and this driving force will be responsible for growth and development of Pakistan and China. An empowered youth together can change the picture of this region in his opinion and his slogan of club 21:21 – 21%of the world population together in the 21st century has now become a household name in the Pak China Context.

Faisal’s Chinese language school curriculum and teaching initiative has now created a new vista of opportunities for the youth on both sides of the border. Language through school curriculum is the common denominator that can play a key role in unifying the youth of the two nations in his opinion. The Chinese language initiative at Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan created magic and ripples across Pakistani academia, intellectuals, think tanks, media, civil society, government offices and diplomatic circles; where nearly 2200 students are studying Chinese language as a Full Time course of their school curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 7. This now has created an opportunity for youth to think beyond, to think about the challenges of tomorrow, and what can be done today to help scale our long standing friendship into a strategic partnership. Faisal’s slogan that together Pakistan and China make up 21% of the world’s population in the 21st century created a unique platform for teaching and learning and is attracting a lot of interest from Communist Party of China, Chinese Media including CCTV and CRI and have also created support from Chinese government, embassies and stakeholders.


Chinese Language School Curriculum Initiative by Mr. Faisal Mushtaq – TI


In support of 60years of diplomatic relationship celebrations between Pakistan and china, Roots Millennium Schools under the leadership and vision of Faisal Mushtaq – TI launched the unique Chinese language school initiative, where RMS is working in close collaboration with many Government and private organizations including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Ministry of Culture, Economic Affairs Division, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Embassy of China in Islamabad, Embassy of Pakistan in China, Pakistan-China Institute, think tanks, media and intellectuals to help scale this language and education initiative for our mutual national benefit.

To help eliminate the language barrier between Pakistan and China, CEO Roots Millennium Schools Mr. Faisal Mushtaq – TI offered Chinese language classes across the schools in the private sector, with the aim of allowing the students to speak and write Chinese as proficiently as possible. For this purpose, he hired 2 Chinese language teachers from China, supported by 4 more teachers from NUML Confucius Institute and has the honor to be the first school in Pakistan to have offered Chinese language classes where our Chinese language department has now 6 Full Time Teachers and nearly 2200 students learning language. This has promoted cultural, social, business and educational opportunities among China and Pakistan for the benefit of our future generations.

The Chinese Language Department under his dynamic leadership has organized various initiatives, events, seminars, symposiums, parents’ days, language days, open days, media briefs, dignitaries’ visits and 60th year of diplomatic relationship ceremonies in support of Pak China Friendship during the last academic year. Since the commencement of the language classes, and within a record time of 9 months, he has been able to galvanize all stakeholders from media, civil society, parental and academic communities, embassies, government functionaries, dignitaries and nation in support of his endeavors to bring Pakistan and China closer. Roots believe that through language, we shall be able to scale our friendship and regional interests to a new aura of friendship and partnership and shall provide Pakistani and Chinese Youth to look at each other for educational, travel, tourism, culture, trade, and entrepreneurial and investment opportunities.